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From Behind … To In-Depth World of Telecommunication

               Mr. Apichart Swankomtorn, Vice President of Data Communication Product Department, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, is formerly one of the technical team confining with hardware/software who is being a person behind setting up telecommunication in linking systems for many individuals/ businesses to be able to communicate, chat, and transfer data through the network with a daily tremendous amount of traffic. Through years of experience in telecommunication business development, together with behind the scenes of working to resolve the immediate problems occurred to customers on 24 hours basis. All of which offer him the opportunity to witness the advance of telecommunication technology which play a major role in almost every minutes of our lives. And most importantly, he can picture the futuristic view layout of communication which will change the lives of people around the world before we can notice or realize. 



                Initially, Mr. Apichart conducted operation related works with dedication and passion for serving services to customers. Besides providing the service in regular hours, he also monitored the surveillance network system for the use of customers. Most of which, by that time, were corporate client/business organization. He conducted such thing in order to ensure the continuous use for customers, whereby it was a mission for important responsibilities in his consideration.                      


              “ More than 20 years ago, the network link was on an initial phase of investment where there was few routes of submarine cable systems. As such, linking design of main route/back-up route had to be closely managed in order to be ready for emergency cases. Up until now, it shows we have been succeeding in tackling with every problem smoothly. In the early days, providers of various countries, who wanted to link through or got access across the country in Thailand, would directly come to associate with CAT, a leading provider for international networks. It allowed me to gain experience of services related for both domestic and international level.  Also, I got many chances to work closely with international telecom operators where we could making an exchange of cutting-edge technology related knowledge, particularly receiving information from developed countries. As a result, since then, I have been learning and understanding more about development of technology and continuously trying to adopt it into today’s business development.


                I have been in this business since the era of telecommunication system conducted through telex. Looking back to that period, telex, still, could meet the needs in reducing the duration of long distance communication. We apparently perceive it as a super slow technology though. It is natural change of technology related business, especially telecommunication technology where there always is constantly changing and growing rapidly. Consumers are faster demand for new Double Quality products/services which, as a result, faster driving those products/services to be on a Maturity Stage in the market. Eventually, Product Life Cycle of such products/services is become shorter and shorter when the time passes by. To get you a clear picture, for example, you may not have noticed that we normally have changed a new phone almost every two (2) years for normal usage that we feel like we have been using it for too long and we want a new one because we need more performance, literary make it double.  We need double or more of RAM or hard disk space. In the same manner, for data communication business, customers require Double Quality. They need Double Bandwidth, quality of systems/device connection, and the media signal. Here, we may have seen some providers use a number of Double Bandwidth, which is customers’ quantitative requirement and incentive, to motivate in marketing related topics. Anyhow, that does not correspond to the actual quality of services and the positive response happened in the early stagqe only. Therefore, we should bear in mind that merely the sustainable marketing will truly meet the needs of customers who want Double Quality   


                 Regarding data communication business, CAT emphasizes on quality of service where integrity is our priority. We provide consulting about service model in accordance with demand of actual usage in customers’ business, which may not be related to only Double Bandwidth in a quantitative way, but be able to meet the needs of customers for Double Quality also. For example, setting up for network/data back-up system or sharing local network which are assured  customers in continuously and efficiently using service, worth the return on investment, and increase profits for the enterprise.


                 Talking about next year technology trend of telecommunication business, on my view, I think that IT Technology/products/services will primarily move into the direction of Smart Mode. This means that electronics system/ devices will have competencies for data transmission, processing/ analyzing and responding with us ourselves and/or person/equipment related in a Real-Time manner. The trend of IoT, Digital Transformation, Digital Based Services or else are also geared toward Smart Concept.  These digital advance will play a vital role in all sectors of society where society has been learning and greater adapting in the last couple of years. Personnel in various professional fields are alert to deploy digital technology in their field and that will increase the competitiveness at the individual level, the enterprise level, and country level eventually.”







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