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"Content" is the heart of media production in the Digital Era


Today, I would like to tell you about online media's success in creating content.  First of all, the marketing and content creation in today's online world is highly competitive and work on a variety of ways to attract users to click in.  For example, my website ExtremeIT in which I started doing about five years ago, and took nearly three years to have 300,000 followers. I’ve been through trial and error, and I have to say, "There's no success formula that's as effective as doing it and experimenting on your own."   


Doing what you love and create the content that matches your plan

My inspiration to do a webpage is from my beloved work on computer hardware. So, I started building the page which initially it is just for fun by posting general stories that I was interested in. The important thing is you have to post the stories regularly. At this early stage, I suggest that it was a trial and error, we have to slowly pave the way and find the content or the story idea that reader or follower love the most.


As for the page’s followers, they are more likely to follow us from ourselves rather than a page’s content. Thus, we have to create content by express ourselves to the web as much as possible. Moreover, because people have different preferences and interests, online marketing is therefore like finding an online group of people who have similar habits. Once we find it, we can read and follow those content without being bored.



Techniques for creating successful content ... a little tip but the result is bang!

When we open a webpage and is ready to create content for people to follow our page, don't forget to pay attention to the small details that will attract visitors to follow our page.


1. Create content that enchants viewers to stop scrolling the page and press enter to see the website

The nature of Facebook users is keeping scroll on Facebook and will stop reading when seeing something interesting. Therefore, it is necessary to create your page’s picture and content or make headlines to attract people to stop watching.  You are not sure about the idea you can test the tip by creating the same content and then changing a different headline or a cover image, I can ensure that the number of people who come to comment or feedback is no equal.


2.Good content is better than beauty

I've seen a lot of people make the page by using stunning pictures, but the content instead is packed with information so it turns out that the reader ignores it eventually because too much information makes people get bored. On the other hand, the clean simple design highlights the headline and main content can attract more visitors.


3. Don't focus just on sales, digression sometimes

I've seen a lot of webpages, especially those online shopping pages that keep posting selling their products or updating their shipping only. However, if we find something repetitive, we'll scroll past it. For example, I do the web about computer hardware reviews and if I keep posting the review contents, people feel my web is tedious. So, I've filled up with updated news or make a parody on trends to color the web because of the nature of most people who play social networks for joy. If we can create some entertaining content, then we will get more new followers eventually.



4. Stop using an excuse on our equipment are not good enough

 Good tool contributes to creating content, but it shouldn't be an excuse not to start doing it. When I started doing my web by using an unused compact camera cost around 2-3,000 baht in which I can say that the image quality from a smartphone these days is of better quality. So, don't take the tool to be an excuse to feel setback when compare our web with the others.


5. Video & Images: Which one is better?

Many people are wondering which one is better for the web presentation technique, video, or image? I have to say, we should do both and we have to choose the right timing to post. The video should post on weekend or long holidays period so that we will get more traffic view because people will watch it during free time and they need time to watch and they have to watch with a headphone or watching it at home. Meanwhile, the image is ideal for posting during daytime or during travel times that people can easily open their phones to browse the content.


6. People come to see things, not beautiful picture

Many people opt to create beautiful content and losing focus on what the visitors want to see. Why some webpage doesn’t use beautiful image but gaining more followers than a page showing beautiful picture?

That because they can better answer what people want to see. For example, I do review of computer hardware and gaming gears and mobile so I believe that people click to my web because they want to see the items I review rather than seeing my face. They may want to see a picture of computer’s ports rather than a beautiful backdrop lighting, so when we create each piece of content, we must mull over why people visit our page, don’t focus on the wrong point!


It's all from the experience I've been through online media for over 5 years which it is not wrong, but also not 100% correct. However, it probably can be a guideline and adapt to your styles. Keep in mind that don’t stop learning new things because the world of technology is running so fast.



   by Noppol Maleerutmongkol; Owner of ExtremeIT website  





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