CAT joins hands with SYMPHONY to provide telecommunication networks and services to meet the needs of customers in the digital age.

      CAT Telecom Public Company Limited signed a memorandum of understanding in business cooperation with Symphony Communication Public Company Limited in order to integrate current and future telecommunication networks and services of both parties to enhance services to customers and also to maximize the potential for telecommunication network usage and services. This is an opportunity to expand the growth to support the needs of service connectivity and improve the quality of telecommunications services for Thailand and the ASEAN region firmly and sustainably.



       Dr. Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, Senior Executive Vice President, Marketing and Service, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited said in a joint statement with Symphony Communication Public Company Limited that CAT's mission is not only providing telecommunications network services infrastructure with the highest efficiency of landing and submarine cable systems, CAT also seeks for cooperation with telecommunications operators both locally and internationally aiming to increase the potential of telecommunications to meet the needs of customers at all levels, including the exchange of technology and knowledge to jointly push Thailand into the center of telecommunications technology in the ASEAN region.

       For the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with Symphony Communication Public Company Limited, one of Thailand's leading telecommunications providers, the MOU is an important collaboration in enhancing the country's telecommunication system to have a greater potential in development. The scope of the MOU is to consolidate both companies’ expertise towards leveraging, sharing and collaborating the existing systems and networks to effectively provide services such as Metro Ethernet, Direct Internet, Voice Service and other services.  The main objective is to maximize business opportunities and to deliver the best solutions to customers.

        Combining CAT’s domestic and international telecommunication network infrastructures including digital technology and total solution services with various systems and services from Symphony Communication Public Company Limited will introduce more various service offering options for customers. This collaboration will help us uplift our services to catch up with the world’s changing trends as well as strengthen the country's telecommunications business and build up the country to be the leader of telecommunication network services in the ASEAN region.





         Mr. Alex Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Symphony Communication Public Company Limited, said: "I am delighted to have this strategic collaboration with CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, one of the leading national telecommunication and digital service provider in Thailand. This collaboration intends to have both providers to leverage and optimizing our network infrastructure together and expand more services throughout the country. Both companies are also able to share and leverage our strengths in our resources, expertise and infrastructures that will maximize our business growth in the future.

         This collaboration is important and focus in the best interests of our customers, as we truly believe that both companies’ experience and collaboration in existing connectivity related services and future new services will provide more competitive value and service experience to our customers, as  well as to support the government policy in the Digital Economy to develop Thailand as a telecommunication hub of ASEAN.





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