CAT Telecom partners ALT Telecom and edotco to establish 5G-ready connectivity infrastructure

     Bangkok, 4 February 2020 – State telecom agency CAT Telecom has entered into a tripartite MOU with network infrastructure provider ALT Telecom and Malaysia-based infrastructure giant edotco Group Sdn. Bhd. to collaborate in the development of sharing infrastructure services across the nation. This partnership consolidates the expertise of the parties towards optimizing current and future telecommunications infrastructure sharing, where edotco will be focused on the development and enhancement of passive infrastructure towards gearing up the nation for a successful 5G roll-out in the country.

     President of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, Colonel Sanpachai Huvanandana said, “Building the right infrastructure is an essential part of laying a strong framework for the deployment of next generation mobile networks. This consideration has guided our decision to partner with ALT Telecom and edotco Group; top players in this segment that bring strong local and regional expertise. Together, we will be better positioned to benefit Thailand’s 5G network cost effectiveness and facilitate innovative services for the nation”.

       Ms.Preeyaporn Tangpaosak, President and Executive Director of ALT Telecom, added “We are encouraged by NBTC’s move to auction 5G spectrum licenses to the industry players. The dawn of 5G is upon us and we look forward to the prospect of its vast potential in the next coming year. Enabling this is infrastructure-sharing as it has been proven to help mobile network operators focus on their core business and service offerings by alleviating the cost pressures of building and maintaining the sites.”

      Mr.Suresh Sidhu, CEO of edotco Group Sdn Bhd said, “As a regional infrastructure player, edotco is committed to partnering with nations, continuously supporting them on their path to realising their digital ambitions. We have partnered with governments, regulators and operators in countries across the region and have accumulated a wealth of best practices that we hope to implement here. Thailand is well-poised to roll out next-generation networks and we are confident in this partnership’s ability to propel Thailand’s telecommunications industry”

     CAT Telecom is one of the four telecom operators participating in the upcoming 5G spectrum auctions conducted by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) on February 16. The telecom regulator expects the 5G license auctions would make the country's telecom infrastructure ready for the technology change required to support the “Thailand 4.0” Initiative.




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