CAT 4sms
CAT 4sms is a service for sending short messages via the website to mobile telephone provided by every company throughout Thailand.

Service Detail

     CAT 4sms is a service for sending short messages via the website to mobile telephone provided by every company throughout Thailand.  Messages can also be sent from all over the world to mobile telephone in Thailand. Those messages can be business or private matters, merchandise or service publication, notification or meeting appointment, or blessing on several occasions.

Outstanding Qualifications

  • Users can type messages more easily than keying them on mobile phone.
  • Users can send messages both in Thai and in English.
  • Users can send the same message to several numbers at the same time.
  • Users can select the telephone numbers saved on the file for sending the message.
  • There is a telephone directory for saving the numbers for further use, and those telephone numbers can be grouped.
  • It can save the frequently used telephone numbers for sending messages rapidly.
  • The message sending time can be set ahead of time.  The regular message sending time can also be set.
  • Sub-Account can be made for users who rarely use the service. The operation frequency can indicate the group.

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Service Advantages

  • sms for People in General : For sending messages to a friend, to a friend group; for setting time as a Birthday Reminder for close friends or some important individuals.
  • sms for Direct Sale Business : For notifying promotions, commission balance, information on seminar, new merchandise publication, etc. for increasing the company circulation.
  • sms for Finance & Securities Co.Ltd. : For notifying news on shares outstanding, reporting transaction result, and stock alert for serving the management of the sending of shares information to customers’ mobile phone.
  • sms for Logistics Business : Notifying the duration and the details of merchandise import and export both by cargo ship and cargo plane to customers.
  • sms for Government Offices : Notifying announcement, information involving the office; cautioning administrators or department heads of a meeting.
  • sms for Touring Business : Sending information on promotion campaign to members, customers; suggesting where to eat and visit; special promotions in each festival.
  • sms for Hospital Business : Sending messages to contact doctors and nurses; notifying information or news on health, and different promotions to patients.
  • sms for Schools : It can be used as a center for contacting, informing news, and connecting school, teachers, and parents for reporting different activities and children’s conducts at school.

Service Models

CAT provides 2 types of CAT 4sms, to include:

1. Postpaid Service: It is divided into

1.1 Step Charge Service: Starting from 100 messages/month

1.2 Fixed Charge Service: (1-year contract)

2. Prepaid Service: Users can buy money refilling code at 3 channels, to include:

2.1 CAT Internet Service Centers throughout the country

2.2 Bangkok Bank ATM Booths

2.3 Online system at

Service Rate

  • Step Charge
Amount of Messages Service Rate/Message (baht)
1 - 500 1.00
501 - 1,000 0.95
1,001 - 3,000 0.90
3,001 - 5,000 0.88
5,001 - 10,000 0.85
10,001 - 20,000 0.80
20,001 - 50,000 0.77
50,001 - 100,000 0.75
100,001 ขึ้นไป 0.70


  • Fixed Charge
Package Amount of Messages Allowed to Send Minimum Postpaid (baht/month) Service Rate  (baht/message) Additional Sending Charge (baht/message)
1 500 475 0.95 1.00
2 1,000 920 0.92 0.95
3 3,000 2,700 0.90 0.92
4 5,000 4,100 0.82 0.90
5 10,000 7,700 0.77 0.82
6 20,000 14,400 0.72 0.77
7 50,000 35,000 0.70 0.72
8 100,000 65,000 0.65 0.70


  • Prepaid
Price (baht) Amount of Messages Allowed to Send Usage (day)
100 60 30
200 140 45


Further information


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